A CMMI Level 3 Company
UVJ Technologies
DNA - RNA - Gene Sequences:
  • Helps the bio-informatician and scientists to perform their day to day operation with high degree of precision and high productivity. The product will be an IDE for basic scientific applications related to genetic engineering and research in bio-informatics.
What is CBAT?

UVJ Technologies’s Sequence Analysis Tool in which DNA and protein sequence analysis tools clubbed into one incredible software Product. This sophisticated life science product designed and developed to provide optimized results via a user-friendly interface. The product built around two basic premises–high accuracy of results and uncomplicated usability.

CBAT is a web enabled application which will be an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) which help the scientist for analyzing and interpreting the biological data , both, gene and protein sequence with various applications in the biological areas like Cloning GMF and rDNA Technology , Protein Characterization, Gene finding like Coding region identification, ORF predication , Protein Family identification, Sequence alignment methods, evolution analysis using Phylogenetic methods, Drug development phases specifically in the Target Identification , Optimization CBAT also provide various collaboration features to store , organize, generate, retrieve, analyze and share biological sequences, structures, functions, pathways and genetic interactions. The software is an excellent medium for teaching concepts of molecular biology and bio-informatics to students of biotechnology courses and also researchers who analyze huge volumes of data to arrive at conclusions faster than ever before.