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UVJ Technologies
Knowledge Process Outsourcing aka KPO is a form of outsourcing in which knowledge and information centric projects are carried out by highly valued personnel who have high level of expertise in various domains. Our KPO services include the coverage of various verticals including scientific curation services, IPR services, market research services and other outsourcing services like competitive business analysis/intelligence, key opinion leader’s identification, web research etc.
  • Scientific Curation Services
  • IPR Services
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Market Research Services
Application Development services helps
  • Address evolving business
  • Technology challenges by defining
  • Designing and building applications

Scientific Curation Services

As the scientific community is now overloaded with data, deriving actionable knowledge out of it has been a huge bottle-neck on the path of many innovations. Though the scientific community has tried deploying many automated systems to accomplish this task, its failure is mostly due to the fact that there has been the absence of human decision making process during the excerption. Scientific Curation Services in UVJ Technologies involve the excerption of valuable knowledge from resources such as articles, journals, patents and online resources. In addition, UVJ’s manual intervention ensures accuracy and quality and thereby promises the most desired qualities of any curation service.

We ensure your complete satisfaction through our custom curation services that involve the curation activity pertaining and not limited to disease areas, target areas, drugs, etc. One such example is a database pertaining to kinase targets, protease targets, or drugs that deals with a specific protease target or kinase target, etc.

Edge: UVJ differs from other players by not just providing information which can be retrieved from the database but also by providing information sourced from intelligence. We keep you as well as ourselves ahead through service that meets quality, precision and timeliness.

The main features UVJ can implement:
  • Administration module
  • User management module
  • Central Location
  • Audit trails
  • Electronic signatures
  • Reports

IPR Services

UVJ offers a variety of patent related services in various technology areas pertaining to Chemistry, Engineering, Software, Medical devices, etc.

Following are the variety of prior art searches we offer:


The search is to determine the patentability of an invention proposed by a potential inventor in accordance with the statutory requirements of patent offices of any geographical location. The evaluation comprises searching resources like patent and non-patent databases, scientific publications and general valid online resources to determine whether the statutory requirements like novelty, non-obviousness and usefulness are present in the invention.

The advantage of conducting this search is not only finding whether or not an invention is patentable, but also saving patent fees as the mistakes here are costly.


The validity search is done to determine whether an existing patent or claim(s) or a part of claims of an existing patent can be cancelled and invalidated by other pre-existing patent prior art and/or by pre-existing non-patent prior art.


This search is conducted to analyze infringement litigation claims by determining whether a new technology or product overlaps with a claim or a set of claims of existing patent(s) in such a way that it infringes upon the existing patent.


This search is done to determine whether or not the freedom for commercial production, use and operation of a technology or product cross the boundaries of existing patents. This study ensures that the operation of the new product will not infringe the intellectual property rights of other existing patents.

Claims Mapping

Claims mapping search studies the key features of a new product or technology and determines whether it overlaps with the the claims of a related patent. The study helps to analyze the potential infringement on the patent(s) of a competitor.

Our Knowledge Process Outsourcing services include Life sciences, Pharmaceutics, Engineering and IT domains.

Outsourcing Services
  • Company profile report
  • Competitive business analysis/Intelligence
  • Key opinion leaders Identification
  • Web research

Outsourcing Services

Company profile report

Company profile report provides a comprehensive summary of an organization. The report covers the business description, details about products and services, major competitors, key financials, customers, strategic partners, business/geographical segments, etc.

Competitive business analysis/Intelligence

Competitive intelligence (CI) weds experience and foresight together. CI constantly observes your business rivals, that is, those who are in the same business line and with whom you compete for market share, and foresees their next step. This lets you plan your next business strategy effectively. This involves the integration into your existing information infrastructure, the analysis and distribution of the information and the calculation of business decisions based on that information and its analysis.

Key opinion leaders Identification

Key Opinion Leaders or Thought Leaders are those who involve in active research and can provide key opinions pertaining to their subject to pharma companies and thereby influence the market response of a drug, medical equipment and treatment processes. We at UVJ deploy various techniques in identifying the most influencing Key Opinion Leaders or Thought leaders.

Web research

Our web research services involve Data Mining/Web Mining, Data Extraction, Data Collection, Cleaning and Validation and Management activities. We cover a wide spectrum of domains and provide services.

Market Research Services
  • Pharma Market Research Services
  • IT Market Research Services

Market Research Services

Pharma Market Research Services

UVJ offers secondary market research reports related to Lifescience, pharma, healthcare industry and medical devices industry. We cover all therapeutic classes and medical device specializations and provide actionable research reports.

IT Market Research Services

We offer IT Market Research reports pertaining to a specific geographical location or organization.

We cover market overview, trends comprising growth rates and market share, various services and products, key players, market issues and barriers, trade encouraging opportunities, trade associations and other related resources.