A CMMI Level 3 Company
UVJ Technologies
Our Testing Objective:
  • Test the application (system) from an end user perspective
  • Prepare high quality test data as per the requirements and needs
  • Create outstanding test reports using different test metrics

Software Testing Services

UVJ offers high quality testing services in various life science domain fields. We have large hands-on experience in software testing with very complex life science related products.

Using the standard quality control guidelines, we have effectively managed and tested multiple genome based products so far. We have used our experience in system development and testing to provide a continuous stream of test plan design, test case design, scripts and test reports to help the timely launch of products.

UVJ has vast experience in the life science products with CFR Part 11 compliance. It includes the features like audit trail, electronic signature, user administration and centralized location. We ensure the validity and security of electronic records and signatures in CFR Part 11 compliance products

We provide excellent automated testing services for very complex life science application. It will help save time and get accurate results without many resources.

Our Testing Objective:

  • Test the application (system) from an end user perspective

  • Prepare high quality test data as per the requirements and needs

  • Create outstanding test reports using different test metrics

  • Improve the accuracy and increase the test coverage using automated software testing.

Our quality control mainly focuses to validate the functionality, performance and compatibility related areas of different life science products using manual as well as automated testing

Our comprehensive testing services include:

Test planning and Test case preparation

We have vast experience of preparing test plans that include scope, approach, resources and schedules of intended test activities.

Different types of manual testing in life science domain:

  • Software installation testing
  • Functional testing
  • Documentation testing
  • Forward and backward Compatibility testing
    • Verifying whether files and data created in previous versions are compatible with current version (Forward Compatibility)

    • Verifying whether files and data created in current versions are compatible with previous version (Backward Compatibility)

Test metrics preparation

Using different standards, we prepare different types of metrics and create very efficient and user friendly test reports.

Automated software testing

Every software development group tests its products multiple times, yet the delivered software always has some defect or the other. Test engineers strive to find them before the product is released but these defects always creep in somehow and they often reappear, in spite of even the best manual testing processes.

UVJ understands this and that is why we have adopted Automated Software Testing which is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of the software testing process. We have in our storehouse the best tools to automate the different tedious and time-consuming testing processes. Needless to say, it gets our tasks finished within a matter of time and with efficiency too.

Automated testing is an unavoidable entity in the field of life science related testing because of its very complex data structure and repetitive processes.

We provide the Automation testing in the following areas:

  • Functional – To test whether the operations perform as expected

  • Regression – To test whether the behavior of the system has changed or not

  • Exception or Negative – To force error conditions in the system

  • Stress – To determine the absolute capacities of the application and operational infrastructure

  • Performance – To provide assurance that the performance of the system will be adequate for both batch runs and online transactions in relation to business projections and requirements

  • High precision data comparison - After analyzing data, compare the results from different versions of software and make sure that data analysis is stable in all versions. So any minor changes in structure can be captured by comparing the results. This is really helpful in Life Science Projects.

Automated Testing Tool employed at UVJ

Automated testing tools are designed to recreate the experience of the end user. Software testing utility solutions will decrease your time to market, increase your productivity, and improve the quality of your product and service offerings. Timely realization of this fact and consequent actions helped UVJ reach and stay ahead of the rest in the industry.

Experts recommend Automated Testing Tools to test GUI environment. The GUI environment is flexible although is quite difficult to test. Automated tools assist with the creation of scripts by capturing the actions required to run the identified tests. Most GUI test tools offer two methods for script creation - recording (record and playback) and programming. UVJ accomplishes effective testing by using a combination of recording and programming, two of the more basic testing utilities. UVJ employs QTP (QuickTest Professional) as Functional/Regression Test automation tool and TestPartner for the functional testing of complex applications developed with Microsoft, Java, Web, SAP, Oracle and many other distributed technologies

QuickTest Professional

QTP (a product of HP) software provides functional and regression test automation for software applications and environments. It uses the Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) scripting language to manipulate a test procedure, and to identify the objects and controls of the AUT. A tester at UVJ Technologies utilizes its features such as Verification, Exception handling, Data-driven testing etc. QuickTest Professional and HP Quality Center work together for additional testing capabilities. It supports a wide variety of Technologies like Web, Java (Core and Advanced), .Net, WPF, SAP, Oracle, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Delphi and Power Builder. QTP can be used for:

  • Functional testing which is necessary for long-term projects
  • Creation of Test Suites using Framework approach
  • Creating and incorporating the existing Test Cases into a much wider framework for easy maintenance
  • Completely automating the process that involves downloading the build, executing the test and sending the report automatically
  • Facilitating better object identification mechanism
  • Performing of Regression Testing across simultaneous builds
  • Validating the text fields and text areas.
  • Verifying version compatibility – Backward & Forward Compatibility


UVJ technologies use Testpartner for the purpose of automating the functional tests of complex applications developed using Microsoft technologies. Testpartner uses Microsoft VBA as its scripting language. As VBA is nonproprietary, easy to learn language, it makes TestPartner a tool which can be easily adapted by users who do not have in-depth development expertise.

The automation test team at UVJ uses the Hybrid framework for creation of test scripts using TestPartner. The Hybird framework is a combination of Datadriven and modular approach. The parameterization facility in Test Partner is utilized for the Datadriven approach and the "Modules" and "Shared Modules" asset type of Test Partner is used for incorporating the modular approach.

The following key features of TestPartner are used by the test team at UVJ Technologies to create robust and easy to maintain test scripts which can be used for automating functional tests for long term projects.

  • The test team utilizes the rich IDE and the Microsoft VBA environment features like debugging, error handling and ability to reference public libraries to create robust test scripts of high quality.
  • Easy to maintain and reusable scripts are created and maintained in the "Test Script" asset type available in TestPartner. The use of "Testscript" helps the easy update of existing test procedures. Since this feature allows users to maintain multiple versions of the scripts, this tool is extensively used for projects undertaken by UVJ Technologies where the requirements undergo changes constantly.
  • Using TestPartner, it is possible to create test scripts before the Application Under Test is complete. So the automation test team at UVJ Technologies accelerates the functional testing by creating test assets early in the application lifecycle.
  • Datadriven tests are written using the Active Data Wizard. It gives extensive parameterization flexibility.
  • The In built Checks feature available in the tool like Text checks, User Checks, Property checks, Field checks, Clock checks and Bitmap checks are used to verify the functionality of the application.