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Calpine Group has been working in the domain of Bioinformatics for a very long time offering solutions in comparative genomics, sequential analysis, microbial profiling, genome exploration, among others.

We use the latest analysis tools and equipment to help our clients find answers to their research questions, thereby improving their concept-to-market time.

Our expertise in Bioinformatics helps us to come up with answers on a range of questions on genomics from metagenomics to comparative genomics to custom analyses.

Comparative genomics

The challenge of finding genetic explanation to the different phenotypic behavior of different strains, as well as examining and comparing genes, sequence and regulatory regions of different organisms is quite demanding for many of our clients.

Our expertise in comparative genomics helps our clients in getting reliable, transparent and quick results together with constant feedback.

Sequential analysis

We use state of the art analytical methods for the sequential analysis of DNA, RNA and peptide sequences to understand their features, structure and functions.

Our years of experience in the industry helps us in coming up with in-depth analysis and in offering solutions that align to the global standards on sequential analysis.

Microbial profiling

We offer comprehensive microbial profiling solutions including analysis of antibiotics, probiotics and other microbes. We work with world leaders in the domain in both preclinical as well as clinical research.

Calpine Group provides the entire service from sampling, extraction of DNA/RNA, sequencing, visualization as well as in-depth analysis and reporting of the results.

Genome exploration

Genomic exploration and molecular diagnostic services are provided to pharmaceutical companies and life science research organizations.

Our world class diagnostic and predictive genome exploration and analysis have helped many clients to come up with innovative health solutions.

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