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We have worked with major clients in the life science domain providing services in data mining and analysis, chemical structure representation, chemical reaction representation and synthesis design.

Our services have enabled many leading life science research firms to bring momentum to their drug discovery by helping them conceive the process using chemical information management.

Data mining and analysis

We use state-of-the-art data mining tools to create integrated source of chemical data that is available for driving productivity.

Our analytics expertise helps clients in the life science domain to accelerate their research outcomes by enabling them with predictive analytics and reaction prediction.

Chemical structure representation

We understand the importance of molecular structure representation in drug discovery.

We offer accurate computational representation of molecular structure that is essential for efficient drug research outcomes.

Chemical reaction representation

Our cheminformatics offerings also include chemical reaction representation, which is a significant step in the process of drug discovery and research.

Calpine Group has been working with leading businesses in life science domain in creating applications that make 2D and 3D representations of chemical reactions.

Synthesis design

We use computer designed synthesis design to analyze what individual molecules can do in biological systems.

We understand that effective synthesis design is the cornerstone of discovering new drug molecules, which is important for innovation in drug discovery.

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