Lab Automation

Expertise in enabling automation for chromatography, automated assaying, liquid handling, combinatorial chemistry and robotics.

Product Design and Engineering Solutions for Lab Automation

Design and engineer best in class life science applications and products that address evolving business and technology challenges

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Development Operations for Lab Automation

We develop laboratory automation development solutions that can create a smart lab, which will satisfy regulatory compliance and need for data integrity

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Cloud services for Lab Automation

Our cloud services integrated with your lab instruments can reduce your costs and concept-to-market time as well as drive your innovations

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Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning for Lab Automation

Leverage our AI/ML expertise to streamline your workflows and to automate your lab operations to achieve tangible business improvements

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UX & UI for Lab Automation

We understand that UX & UI design decision for lab automation is the crucial differentiator that make or break your lab operations

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